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Pests And Weeds

1. Chili pests
Almost all the pests that attack the eggplant can attack the pepper plant. These pest attacks can decrease crop productivity, even to some extent lead to crop failure. Here are some of the main pests that often attack chili plants in Indonesia.

A. Caterpillar pests
Caterpillars that often menyarang chili plants include grayak caterpillar (Spodoptera litura). This type of caterpillar feeds the leaves to perforate so as to interfere with the ability of photosynthesis of plants. At a severe level the grayak worm devours the entire leaf and leaves only the bones of the leaves.
In addition there are also types of caterpillars that attack the chili fruit, the type Helicoverpa sp.dan Spodoptera exigua. This type of caterpillar makes a hole in the chili fruit both green and red.
Caterpillars usually strike at night or during sunset. In the scorching afternoon, the caterpillars hide at the base of the plant or take cover behind the mulch so that these caterpillars can escape spraying.
Technical control. Caterpillars are taken at night when they begin to roam. Caterpillar collection should be done thoroughly and in unison. Can also be installed trap imago pests. Prevention is to maintain the cleanliness of the garden. Weed the weeds on the bed corridor, ditches or mulching holes. Chemical controls. Spraying is done when the attack is severe. Type of drug used is insecticide. Spraying should be done at night.
B. Pest mites
Mites commonly attack pepper plants are yellow mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus) and red mites (Tetranycus sp.). Mites are found also attacking cassava plants.
In the pepper plant, the attack of mites makes curling leaves curl to the bottom like a spoon upside down. Leaves become thick and rigid so shoot formation is hampered. Over time the leaves will become brown and die.
Technical control. Plants attacked badly pulled out while that has not been severely cut shoot-bud. The rest of the affected plants are burned so as not to infect others. To prevent it, try to plant chili planting area is not adjacent to cassava plants. Maintain the cleanliness of the garden effectively reduce mite attack. Chemical control. Mites can only be eradicated by toxins such as akarisida mites, not with insecticides. Viewed from the physical, eight-legged mites are different from insects (insek) the four-legged.

C. Aphids pests
Aphids that attack chili plants usually come from the type of Myzus persicae. Aphids attack by sucking liquid on the leaves. Leaves become dry and curly leaf surfaces.
In addition, aphids can invite various diseases indirectly. This louse can be a virus-carrying vector, producing a yellow-green liquid that invites ants and invites the arrival of the fungus that gives rise to black soot on the leaf surface.
Technical control. Picking the stricken leaves then annihilate. Avoid also planting chilli adjacent to watermelon, cantaloupe and long beans. Maintaining the cleanliness of the garden and the use of silver mulch plastics effectively suppress the development of aphids. Chemical control. Use a type of insecticide containing fipronil or diafenthiuron. The most effective spotlighting was done in the afternoon.

D. Fruit fly flies
Fruit fly attack (Bactrocera dorsalis) on pepper plants causes fruit loss. Chili fruit can not be harvested because keruru fall to the ground. In the fruits that are attacked if there is a fly fly larvae. When not cleansed, the larvae on the chili pepper fall into pupae in the soil, so the cycle of attack will continue to repeat.
Technical control. Pick and collect pieces of chili that fall out, then destroy by burning it. This is important, so the fly is not a pupa that can dwell in the soil. Common fruit flies also attack other types of fruits such as starfruit, bananas, oranges, etc. So avoid cultivati

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    Pests And Weeds

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    Published date: 02/04/2018

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