Organic fertilizer

Manure is a fertilizer derived from animal waste that is used to provide nutrients for plants. Manure plays a role to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. The nutrient composition contained in manure is highly dependent on the type of animal, age, pedestal and feed given to the animal.

Each type of animal must produce dirt that has unique nutrient content. But in general animal waste contains macro nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphor (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (S). When compared with synthetic chemical fertilizers, the content of nutrients in manure is much smaller. Therefore, fertilizer needs a lot to match the provision of chemical fertilizers.
Like other types of organic fertilizers, manure has a number of advantages such as its ability to stimulate soil biological activity and improve soil physical properties. The only drawback is the shape of the bulky and not sterile, can contain weed seeds and various seeds of plant diseases or parasites.

The types of manure
Judging from the shape, there is solid and liquid manure. Solid fertilizer is usually obtained from tahi (feses) while liquid fertilizer is taken from urine (urine). There are also taken from the mixture of feces and urine, usually in the form of a viscous mixture such as mud. In addition to its phase form, there is also manure in the form of a mixture of dirt with other materials. Like, chicken manure mixed with rice husks are used as a cage mat or cow dung mixed with straw. Here are some types of manure that is widely used.

A. Cow dung
Manure from cow dung has a high fiber content. Fiber or cellulose is a carbon chain compound that will undergo further decomposition process. The decomposition process of the compound requires N elements present in the impurities. So that cow dung is not recommended to be applied in fresh form, need maturation or composting first. If the fertilizer is applied without composting, there will be a struggle for the N element between the plants and the decomposition process of the dirt.
In addition to fiber, cow dung has a high water content. On that basis, farmers often call cow dung as cold fertilizer. The high water content also makes the cost of fertilization to be expensive because the weight of fertilizer is quite heavy. Cow manure has been perfectly composted or ripened if it is dark black, the texture is loose, not sticky, the temperature is cold and odorless.

B. Chicken manure
Chicken manure is highly desirable for leafy vegetable farmers because of its rapid reaction, consistent with the leafy vegetable character which has an average of short cropping cycles. This fertilizer has a relatively high N nutrient content compared to other types of manure. Moreover, the N element in chicken manure can be absorbed by plants directly, so it is relatively unnecessary to decompose process first.
Poultry manure is usually taken in mixed form with rice husk, especially for broiler. Rice husk is used by chicken breeders as the base of the cage. When the cage is cleaned the dirt will be mixed with the husk. Rice husk enriched nutrients especially for element K. Broiler chicken also contains a higher P element.
In addition to several advantages, chicken manure is susceptible to carry the seeds of disease, especially Salmonella bacteria. Therefore the utilization must be careful and used as needed. Another concern is the use of drugs and hormones in chicken farms will be carried into chicken manure. This contaminant is certainly not expected for organic vegetable growers.

C. Goat Dung
The goat's dirt is a round-shaped texture that is difficult to break down physically. Goat dung is recommended to be composted before use until the fertilizer matures. The characteristics of mature goat filth are cold, dry and relatively stinky.
Goat dung has a higher K content than other types of manure. This fertilizer is very suitable applied to the second fertilization half to sti

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    Manure is a fertilizer derived from animal waste that is used to provide nutrients for plants. Manure plays a role to improve the physical, ...