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Plants that require seeding stage are usually those with medium to long crop cycles and have small seeds. For crops with fast cropping cycles such as spinach and kale, the seeding stage becomes less economical.
As for plants that have large seeds, should be planted with ditugal. Large seed plants are relatively resistant to environmental conditions because they contain useful substances that support early growth. Several types of horticulture are usually seeded include tomatoes, chili peppers, lettuce, and so on.
The seeding process requires special places and treatments that are different from the field conditions. For that required a nursery that is separate from the planting area. Nurseries can be made permanent or temporary. Nursery media can be tray, printed, polybag or regular bed. Here are the steps to prepare the nursery media.

Preparing the planting medium
The first thing to prepare is the planting medium. As the seeds / seeds germinate planting media should be guaranteed in terms of availability of nutrients, moisture and good structure. Natural nursery media consists of a mixture of soil and organic materials that contain high nutrients. In addition, the availability of water in the nursery medium should be sufficient or a relatively higher level of moisture than ordinary planting areas.
Good soil for the seedbed medium is taken from the top (top soil). Should take the soil with a depth of not more than 5 cm. Good soil is a forest land, or soil contained beneath bamboo plants. The soil has good characteristics, composed of a mixture of clay and sand. The clay is used as an adhesive of planting media while the sand is useful to provide good porosity.
To enrich the nutrient content can be added with organic fertilizer. Can be manure that has been mature or compost. The important thing is to puree the fertilizer by sieving. The coarse structure is not good for the growth of newly germinated seeds because their rooting is too soft.
Mix the soil and organic fertilizer with a ratio of 1: 1. Or it can be adjusted to each condition. Characteristic, after mixed plus texture water can be solid (can dikepal not push) but not muddy.
Creating a seedbed media for horticultural crops
Creating tray / polybag / printed seedbed media
Mix the top soil with organic fertilizer (compost or mature manure) the composition is 1: 1.
For the tray nursery, put the mixture of the planting media into the tray, solid enough to allow the media to grasp the plant. Tray is ready for growing media.
For polybag seedbed, mix the planting media that has been made with charcoal husk with a composition of 1: 1. Take polybags with size adjusted to the size of plant seeds. Polybag nursery media ready for planting.
For a nursery print, flush the planting medium mixture that has been made with enough water. Water serves to solidify the mixture to be easily formed and not ambrol. Then use the mold to form the dough into small plaid shapes. Hole the top of the boxes as deep as 1-2 cm to insert the seeds. Nursery media ready for planting.
Creating a seedbed nursery media
Mix the top soil with organic fertilizer with 1: 1 composition.
Then shape the bed and put the mixture above the bed surface. The thickness of the mixture should be 5-7 cm, this thickness is optimal for newly grown plants.
Flush the beds with enough water and spread the seeds on the bed.
Create a buffer pole or bamboo is curved, then close the bed with paranet.
Bed coverings can be made permanently with paranet, or made with an open cover system with clear plastic. Open cover system is useful in the rainy season so that plants are not affected by rain water directly. Suitable seeds are seedbed in the seedbed type is short leaf vegetables such as mustard greens, caisim, pakchoi, etc.

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    Published date: 01/04/2018

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