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Chili Vertikultur

One advantage of vertikultur gardening techniques is that it has more artistic and aesthetic value when compared to other planting techniques.
A. How to Make Vertikultur Pipa Paralon
Prepared paralon pipes using a 10 cm long transverse pencil, create a similar line above the first line at a distance of 30 or 40 cm. Create multiple lines according to the available paralon length. Then cut using a hacksaw on the line that has been made. Take a hair dryer / candle or anything to heat the paralon part that is cut. While the heat grab the bottle and insert it into the paralon pipe to print the planting hole. Next make a holder using a mixture of cement and sand or wood.

B. Preparing Media Planting
Planting media to plant chili vertikultur paralon pipe is a mixture of soil, charcoal husk and manure. Create a mixture of planting medium with a soil ratio 2: charcoal husk 2: manure 2. Stir until well blended, place the planting media in the open but protected from rain and direct sunlight. One week later put the planting medium into the Vertikultur Pipa Paralon pot.

C. How to Plant Chili Vertikultur Pipa Paralon
If the planting media is ready, the chili seedlings that have been prepared can be directly planted. Take the seedlings carefully so that the roots are not broken or damaged, then planted on the hole planting pot Vertikultur. Flush with water to keep the seeds from withering. Make shade so that newly planted seeds adapt and not wilt, three or five days later introduce with sunlight little by little until finally full of sunlight.

E. Plant Verticulture Cultivation
Maintenance of vertical chili plants include watering, fertilizing and controlling pests and diseases. Watering is done in accordance with the needs and weather conditions. In order for vertical chili plants to flourish, at the age of 15 days after planting can be done subsequent fertilization. Fertilization of vertical chili plants done 1 or 2 times a week by dikocor. Fertilizer used may be nutrients AB Mix or NPK fertilizer 16. Dissolve 1 tablespoon NPK fertilizer with 2 liters of water then kocorkan 100 ml of chili plant solution vertikultur. Be careful when doing leakage do not get to the leaves of chili. To meet the needs of micro nutrients, spray with leaf fertilizer once a week.

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    Chili Vertikultur

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    Published date: 01/04/2018

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