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Chili Farming
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Chili Farming

Red pepper is one of the most attractive agricultural commodities. At certain moments, the price can rise many times. At other moments can go down to worthless. This makes red chili cultivation a challenge for farmers.
In addition to price fluctuations, pepper cultivation is quite vulnerable to weather conditions and pest attacks. To minimize all these risks, the cost for chili cultivation can be quite high.
Climatic conditions in Indonesia are suitable for chili cultivation where the sun is full. This plant can grow well in the lowlands to an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. In the highlands, chili can still grow but its production is not maximal.
Optimal temperature for red chili growth, between 24-28 degrees Celsius. At temperatures that are too cold under 15 or over 32 heat growth will be disrupted. Chili can grow in the dry season from getting enough water. The desired rainfall ranges from 800 to 2000 mm per year with 80% humidity.

1. Selection of red pepper seeds
People recognize two types of red peppers, namely large red chili and red curly peppers. Differences in both types of chili is visible from the shape and texture of the skin. To find out more, please see the paper recognize the types of chili.
Of the two types, there are dozens or even hundreds of varieties, from local to hybrid. Each variety has its own specificity grows. To choose which type to cultivate, you should select the varieties that best match the location of each chili cultivation.
Seeds for chili cultivation can be obtained in two ways, namely buying in the seed shop or self-seeding. Hybrid chili seeds should be purchased from a reliable seed industry that applies modern breeding technology. While the local chili seeds can be obtained from fellow farmers or self-select from previous crops.

2. Seeding and seeding
The seeding method for chili cultivation should use polybag (either from plastic or leaves). Why is that, because the seeds of chili, especially hybrids are very expensive. If sowing with sown, it is feared many seeds that grow coincide so that not all plants can be utilized.
Prepare a mixture of soil, husk husk and compost or manure with a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Or, if there is no husk charcoal use soil and compost with a ratio of 1: 1. Before mixing, the media is sieved to smooth. For more details, please read how to create a nursery media.
Should make a shade for a seedbed to avoid the scorching sun and rain. If there is a cost, it is better to protect a seeding spot with a pest or insect shield. Arrange polybags that have filled the seedling medium in the shade.
Soak chili seeds with warm water for approximately 3 hours. Do not use floating seeds. Add each chili seed into polybag as deep as 0.5 cm and cover with fine compost. Wet a little planting media to keep the moisture awake.
Flush polybag nursery every morning and evening. How to water the surface is polybag cover with newsprint and then flush until wet. Open the newspaper after seed grows about 3 days.
Next flush regularly and keep an eye on the growth. Red chilli seedlings ready to be removed after 21-24 days seeded or after growing 3-4 leaves. Expand 10% of seed requirement. For example, for one hectare of land required about 14000 seeds of red chili, then more 10 percent for the action of planting.

3. Soil processing
The land needed for the cultivation of red pepper is a loose soil and has a good porosotas. Before the red chili is planted hoe or plow of land as deep as 20-40 cm. Clean from rocks or gravel and the remnants of plant roots. If too many weeds and worry disturb can use herbicide.
Create a bed with a width of one meter height 30-40 cm and distance between beds 60 cm. The length of the bed is adjusted to the condition of the land, to facilitate the maintenance of the maximum length of beds u

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    Chili Farming

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